Monday, March 19, 2012

Wine and Weather

The last three days have been one big round of the local wineries.  Not dissuaded by rain, wind, or snow, Suzanne, Richard and I braved the elements to sample the wares of DK Cellars, Colibri Ridge, Van der Vivjer, Pallisandro, Perry Creek, Windwalker, Iverson, and Oakstone, ending the days with the hosts and other guests at Lucinda's Country Inn for, ah!, another glass of wine and nibbles.  We'd get back here in time to put the kids to bed and fix dinner.  I understand people on the east coast were out in flipflops and shorts.  We watched the snow fly here, and Dave sent me photos of West Sacramento covered in hail.  After such a dry winter, the vintners we spoke with were very happy to see the snow, saying it was the best way to soak the ground for the grapes.  The goats were not so pleased and, I knew it would happen, my feet went out from under me in the chicken pen last night.  My bibbies went into the washer for the second time yesterday.

Suzanne and Richard will be flying out early today so we said our goodbyes last night.  I hope it isn't another eleven years before I see them again.  It was a good visit.

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Kathryn said...

Oh man...slipping on and then into slick CAN'T be fun - and the landing might even hurt! Hope all is well and that your footing is solid tonight!