Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Her Other Face

Spring put on her makeup and dressed in her best finery yesterday, showing her warm, sunny smile.  She accessorized her bright green dress here and there with sprigs of daffodils.  Strutting her stuff, she enticed many outside to enjoy her company.  I saw the first ground squirrels to come out in the goat pen, sunning themselves by their burrows.  Tree Guy and Number Two son came to clean my chimney.  They did the brush work up on the roof.  I cleaned the dislodged creosote out of the stove, the dirty part of that job.  Son then set himself to splitting the big pile of cut rounds in the front side yard.  TG started rearranging and stacking the woodpile.  I spent a couple of hours helping and hauling wagon loads up to the porch.  Joel stopped by with carrot tops for the chickens, which they enjoyed immensely.  It was with great reluctance that I finally went inside and faced the reality of housework.

Spring woke up in a foul temper today, scowling behind a low cloud cover, having a right old tantrum, blowing wind and spitting rain, kicking leaves every which way.  Her changeable temperament certainly makes life interesting.  One just never knows.

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Kathryn said...

What a gloriously productive day. I hear you about Mother Nature. Our gal was dressed in her flip flops and a sun dress on Saturday, and today she is shrouded in her finest gray chiffon...with a matching sweater!