Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Turn of Events

It was a higgledy-piggledy kind of day, not the one I'd planned.  Opening the door to the milk refrigerator, I did bit of a double-take.  No light.  Burned-out bulb?  No light on the freezer side, either.  Hmmm.  Had the power gone out?  No, kitchen lights were still on.  Hmmm.  Later, I checked the breakers.  Nope.  No problem there.  I had to face the fact that the refrigerator had died.  Fortunately, it was between milk pick-ups, so nothing would sour.

Getting down to business, I took the new brush down to the barn.  The top photo shows Mouse Mama's home now.  I disturbed it one more time to show the beginnings of her nest and the destruction of the old brush, and then put it back the way she likes it.  The girls seem to enjoy the new brush.  It has stiffer bristles and they do like to have their backs scratched.

It was dry and sunny when Kellan and William came for poop.  We chatted through the barn wall as I milked and they shoveled.  Before they left, they dropped off a thank-you gift on the porch.  Fragrant leeks, young carrots, and tiny, sweet baby turnips made such a beautiful picture.  See what a little goat poop and a lot of hard work can produce.  No wonder these gorgeous vegetables are called "produce."

Unable to go without milk and egg storage space, I had to make a trip to Shingle Springs to find another used refrigerator.  One never leaves home up here without tending to as many things as possible so, even though they weren't on my schedule, I made a couple of other stops along the way home.  The refrigerator will be delivered today.

By nightfall, the dark clouds had gathered again.  Wanting to take advantage of the fresh vegetables, I threw in a couple of potatoes and some herbs and made a soup in which every component stood on its own, no meat required.  Soup and a slice of homemade cheddar cheese bread on a cold night...heavenly.

The wind is up this morning and rain is threatened sometime today.

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Kathryn said...

Mouse House...Fridge on the Fritz...Poop Patrol...and Sumptuous Soup!! Sounds like an higgledy piggledy day with a happy ending!