Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Up and At 'Em!

Five o'clock clock time.  Four a.m. my time.  My body knows when it's being bamboozled and cheated.  Like a good little automaton, I roll out of bed to go make coffee, trying to stay in step with the "real" world.  And so the day begins.

"Okay, kids, who's ready to go outside?  Someone?  Anyone?"  Shall I say their response was significantly underwhelming?  Not one of my faithful companions would leave their spot on the bed to go with me out into the rain yesterday morning.  Earlier, Bessie Anne had made a reluctant dash to the truck so we could get the trash down to the big road, and said she'd had enough of that, thank you very much.  Little turncoats.

After the computer gremlins had had their fun, it turned out to be a great rainy day (barn chores notwithstanding).  On the off chance that we might lose power during this rain storm that is supposed to last all week, I baked two big sour cream coffee cakes so I'll have something to feed this weekend's guests.  While the house was filling with that wonderful warm cinnamon aroma, I watched a 1941 Ida Lupino murder mystery movie, with Elsa Lanchester as one of her dotty sisters and Louis Hayward playing against type (he was so suave) as her conniving brother.  As long as the oven was already warmed, I decided to make albondigas for dinner.  Spicy Mexican meatballs baked in a rich tomato-beef broth with a baked potato on the side were ready by the time I'd put the goats to bed (no hesitation from them!).  With my usual lack of self-control, I had a slice of coffee cake for dessert.  (There was a reason I'd made two.)

It might have had a slow start, but it was a good day, and we need the rain.

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Kathryn said...

Sounds like a darn good day inside, even if it was stormin' outside. Here's to another good day!