Friday, March 9, 2012


I got another of those calls yesterday.  "Do you have goat milk?"  This time it was for a newborn lamb.  This is a very strange year; animal moms in the area are rejecting their offspring, and a number of the little ones are healthy but weak and not thriving.  My own girls are doing their best, but I fear that demand for their milk is going to exceed supply if this keeps up.  So far, so good, and this latest caller will be here early this morning.  To save a baby, I cut the price of milk to less than half, which means I've come full circle.  I used to babysit in my early teens for fifty cents an hour, and that's what I'm making now.

Tree Guy and son came again yesterday to split wood and set off one of the burn piles.  I had planned to make the run to town much earlier, but took the time to haul all those stacks of pulled weeds over to the burn while I had the chance.  The yard is looking better and better.  However, that made the shopping trip a mad dash so I could get home for the milk customer who was due at four-thirty.  She didn't make it, and will come today.  While waiting for another customer in the morning (who was due the day before), I actually did finish my sewing project and was able to finally clear off the dining room table, so I have made some progress on the house.  Life has somehow become rather frenetic.  I may have to grab a book later and go sit on the deck.

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Kathryn said...

You earned a respite with a book...if my vote counts for anything!!