Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Red Wagon

If I were to ever pester my mother when I was a Kid, asking the same thing over and over, she would recite a little ditty in a sing-song voice, "Little red wagon, tongue is draggin'.  Second verse, same as the first."  That was my signal to back off.  I had become repetitive and was getting on her nerves.

Yesterday was a Red Wagon day.  Same rain, same slip-and-slide in the chicken pen, same soggy sheep shouldering past me on the way to her room at night, even a rerun on dinner leftovers.  I did amuse myself in the Silkie pen when I had one of those "out of body" experiences, seeing myself as others might (and thankful no one could!).  I have mentioned the wonderful hard hat Craig made for me, the hat with multiple lights so I can go out at night to do chores hands free.  A cold wind was whipping as I was gearing up to put the kids to bed.  I needed the lighted hat to hunt for eggs in the coop, but it wouldn't protect my ears very well.  Hmm.  My solution was to first put on a stocking cap and then the hard hat.  As I was saving my footing doing my pole dance in the Silkie pen with one hand, the other holding the grain bucket, the hard hat began sliding as the littlest kids were trooping up their ramp.  What to let go of and what to grab?  I was moving, as my daddy would have said, faster than a hog on ice and managed to save the whole kit and caboodle.  I will settle for cold ears should that situation ever recur.

Looks like we're going to get a little break in the weather today, overcast but not raining this morning.  Hope the pens dry out a bit, else I'll be pulling that little red wagon again tonight.


Kathryn said...

You DO paint a colorful picture! I'm glad you saved your kit AND your caboodle (and your grain)! Do they make snow shoes or cleats for mud??? Here's hoping you dry out today!

Kathy V said...

My lighted hat is a baseball cap. I put my stocking cap over the top of it in inclement weather (whatever that is:) Rain promised, but don't see any yet.