Monday, March 5, 2012


Eggs were starting to pile up in the refrigerator, supply exceeding demand, especially the Silkie eggs.  I abhor waste and began to think about what I could do with this overabundance before I had to throw them out.  It's best to use older eggs for hard boiling as they're much easier to peel.  Aha!  Pickled eggs would do the trick.  The recipe I found called for six hard-boiled eggs.  Six?  Pshaw, not worth the time and effort.  I boiled eighty-six.  Granted, these were the Silkie eggs, half the size of regular eggs, the equivalent of only forty-three of the others.  That doesn't sound reasonable even to me, but I was in the grip.  I really must learn to curtail my enthusiasm.  For statistical purposes, it takes exactly two-thirds of a four-hour NASCAR race to peel eighty-six mini-eggs.  Twenty eggs fit into one wide-mouth quart jar.  Two jars are pickling in a beet-juice brine for the pink color, and two have Thai chili vinegar (I made a gallon of that some time ago, again in the throes of madness).  Now, instead of one bucket of eggs, I have four quart jars taking up space in the refrigerator.  Anyone doing the math would realize I had six eggs left over.  I made deviled egg salad, spread that on crackers, and ate it for dinner.  Then I went out to put the critters to bed.  And picked up another dozen eggs.

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Kathryn said...

Your exquisite way with words had me smiling during the statistic portion, and absolutely emitting an audible chuckle when I finished reading, or in today's shorthand, LOL!! Sounds like you can't win the battle with the little girls, but it will sure be delicious trying!! Maybe some locals would be interested in child-sized eggs for their child-sized family members at Easter. Wouldn't they be fun to dye!!