Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Big To-Do

An overheated brain isn't capable of much thought.  It's probably a safety device that keeps the body from exerting itself unnecessarily and causing damage during a heat wave.  Given that the last few days have been down in the eighties, my brain has begun functioning again (no comments, please) and darned if the first thing it did was write out a big, long To-Do List.  I had hoped for something a little more in the go-wild-and-crazy category, and what do I get?  Clear brush from under the corner oak.  Use loppers and cut down the wild blackberry vines that once again threaten to block the outside door to downstairs.  Start working on Christmas presents (really?).  Sweep the old leaves off the deck to make room for the new ones that have begun to fall.  Stuff like that.  Not fun stuff.  Perhaps it's another protective situation; maybe one shouldn't quit sweating cold turkey and this is the brain's way of tapering off.  Not one to rush into anything, I started small this morning and took the trash down to the big road.  Now I've got to take another look at that list.

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Kathryn said...

Hahaha...One thing about it - you are still in charge of all lists - writin' them, and workin' them!! And now that I'm thinking about it...who writes down the fun little time-wasters anyway?? Go kick up your heels and go crazy - have lunch in town with a buddy...or just eat cookies!!