Sunday, August 12, 2012

Full Circle

The house where I lived as a child was in a (semi)rural area, did not have air conditioning, had a septic tank, and I played in the sprinkler.  All these years and a number of different houses later, I live in a rural area, don't have air conditioning, once again have a septic tank, and I'm still playing in the sprinkler.  One of my sons got a huge laugh out of the mental picture he got when he texted late in the afternoon to ask what I was doing...and I told him.  The cooling spray from the sprinkler as I watered the herb garden and plants across the front of the house had been too appealing to resist.  I'd switched to short bibbies and I'll admit to doing a little prancing and dancing as I moved the sprinkler from here to there without turning it off in between.  Frank and Pearl stayed out of the water, but followed behind, stretching out full length on the newly dampened earth in the shade.  Bess abandoned The Look to actually bark, telling me she wanted a dip in the pool, and she did that three times in the afternoon.

I was taken by the symmetry and beautiful construction of this spider web in the milking room.  At the angle I viewed it as I took a breather on the end of the milking stand, the gossamer threads caught the sunlight with iridescence.

The male sparrow continues to roost alone in his cubbyhole over the barn door.  The funny thing is that I never see him during the day.

Seventy-four degrees outside at six this morning; eighty in the house.  That's all I'm going to say about that.

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Kathryn said...

Playing in the sprinkler will keep ya young!! Hope you can do it again and again!!