Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Not Fair

Unfair!  Unfair, I say!  I did not reach into a place I could not see, I simply moved a chair on the deck while watering last evening and got nailed by another danged wasp.  Getting stabbed with a red-hot poker couldn't hurt worse.  As it happened, at that time I was enjoying a little sundowner of bourbon with ice and so stuck the injured finger into the glass.  Alcohol is an antiseptic and the ice (and bourbon) helped the pain.  On a run into town earlier, I'd noted that it was 112 degrees in Diamond Springs.  If I didn't finish watering the potted plants, I'd lose them; it only takes a day in this weather.  In spite of numerous evil insects buzzing about, I got the job done.  They seemed satisfied with their preliminary strike and didn't attack again.  Determined to get the last laugh (and revenge!), I went out after dark and sprayed the heck out of a really big nest.  Ha!  Take that, you devils!

I'm passing on a hint from my friend Linda.  After my last sting, she suggested a paste of meat tenderizer.  I tried that and I'm here to say that it immediately took away that immense burning pain.  It didn't stop the swelling, however.  Once again, I have no dimples in my knuckles and my palm looks like a paw.  Milking this morning will be a challenge as I can barely bend the affected finger.

Mr. Sparrow sweet-talked a lady friend over to his pad in the barn last night.  I could have told him that relationship was going nowhere.  She wouldn't join him in his cubby, but stayed in the "living room" one space over.  Can't blame a guy for trying.

We're due for another day of one-hundred-plus degrees today, and then get one day of (wait for it) ninety-eight! before it climbs back to triple digits.  As with the wasp sting, I'll take whatever relief I can get.

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Kathryn said...

Well DAMN, is all I can say - to it all! Glad you have the ingredients for a sundowner...sun going down and all!