Thursday, August 16, 2012

Getting Better

To paraphrase an old song, "in the cool, cool, cool of the morning," it's actually comfortable today at daybreak.  It was quite wonderful to wake up during the night and realize I wanted to pull the blanket back over.  During a stretch such as we've had, it's hard to remember that it is colder more months than it is hot because it seems like the oven will be turned up forever.  Predicted to go back to triple digit today, I'm just grateful for the respite while it's here.

It may be that the forced exercise was good for my hand.  It was like milking with a boxing glove yesterday, but the swelling has gone down considerably.  Still puffy from fingertips to elbow, I can at least bend the fingers now.

Any reason to play in the water when it's hot is a good one, so I decided to hose down the siding on the house, at least the part that was in shade.  Bessie Anne moved along with me and we got the cooling benefit of the back spray.  In the process, I disturbed Ms. Praying Mantis.  The abdomen of the female is leaf shaped; pencil slim on the male.  I put her in one of the flower pots and wished her good hunting.

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Kathryn said...

Spraying down the siding sounds like a smart plan - cool the house from the outside and get to splish splash. It IS amazing how much the weather determines our activities and our moods, isn't it?