Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Once In A....

The guys around the world who make calendars don't seem to agree on much.  I'm going to stick with The Farmer's Almanac and say that there will be a "blue moon" on August 31, the second full moon in one month.  I know for sure the darned thing is bright.  I'd gone through the regular nighttime routine and was ready to climb into bed last night when I looked out the window to the deck.  Had I forgotten to turn out the living room lights?  It sure looked like it.  Back down the hall to check.  No, but light was streaming in the windows.  Ohmigosh, it was moonlight.  Just to prove a point, I took printed material outside and sure enough, it was bright enough to read a paper.

There have been a number of plane crashes reported in the news lately.   I thought I was going to witness one yesterday afternoon.  A wave of sound came rumbling at us and the windows shook.  At first I thought the plane was going to hit us, it was that close.  Bess came running to me as I went to look as it passed over us.  If the angle had been different, I'm sure I could have looked the pilot of the big tanker plane in the eye.  Headed due east, it seemed to barely clear the tree tops and I just knew the next thing would be a ball of flame in the hills by Omo Ranch.  Why it didn't and why it was flying so low, I'll never know.  I just hope that only happens once in a blue moon.

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Kathryn said...

I, too, noticed the light streaming in as I climbed into bed but I didn't think to be as creative as you and take reading material outside (fun visual), and I didn't go outside to check, but I DID think about Mr. Armstrong and gave it my wink, symbolically! And glad that pilot kept that thing in the air!!