Friday, August 31, 2012

The Road To...

I'm just full of good intentions, and see where they get me.  Coming back up from the barn, I found a phone message from Joel.  He and Judy were off on a day trip.  He'd left an irrigation line running and asked if I'd go over and turn it off.  He gave instructions on where it was (through the gate, up to the left forty feet to the end of the row) and how to turn it off (turn the valve and the noise will quit).  I was so pleased to be able to return, in a very small way, one of the many favors Joel and Judy have done for me.  Uh huh.  Fortunately, I listened to the message a couple of times.  Yes, there was a hint that he meant the gate down at the road and not the gate between our properties.  Okay, I can do this.  Even though our fields abut, our driveways are maybe a mile or two apart, so I drove.  I found the pipe with the valve and gauge.  I turned the valve and the noise stopped and the pressure gauge dropped.  Ta da!  Mission accomplished.

Joel called when they got home.  All of the valves on all of the pipes at my house are set up so that the handle is in line with the pipe when open, and closed when perpendicular (I know this because I checked again after we talked).  Seems that Joel's are just the opposite.  Not only had I not shut off the water, I'd opened it up full force.  The noise that stopped and the gauge that dropped were his system's way of taking a deep breath before the deluge that blew apart a connection in the lines.  Joel was very kind.  It must have been difficult to say thanks for trying when I'd done nothing but make him more work.

I had such good intentions.

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Kathryn said...

Oh MAN!!! Ours in Ohio were set up the same way as yours - lined up meant open, and perpendicular meant shut - makes perfect sense to me. What a bummer.