Sunday, August 19, 2012

Help Is On the Way

Meat goats and milk goats, while the same species, are two very different animals.  My friend Tim has probably a hundred meat goats now.  He recently answered an ad by a young couple from one of the eastern "M" states (Michigan, Massachusetts, Maine?) who wanted to apprentice with a goat rancher.  Such an arrangement can be a win-win situation.  Helping hands in exchange for hands-on training.  The couple's month-long sojourn with him is drawing to an end soon.

Tim called the other day, and now I'm involved.  It seems the pair want to learn how to milk goats and make cheese (so Tim says), and so, of course, Tim thought of me.  (It could also be that after working together twenty-four/seven, they all might need a break.)  He did a pretty good selling job, saying that the Kids would trim hooves, clean stalls, etc.; anything I wanted or needed done.  By Tuesday temps are predicted to be down in the 80s, or I would have said no.  Teaching takes time, and extending my stay in the sauna in the heat would not be worth whatever assistance the Kids might give.  He's to drop them off by seven.  That will give us time to get acquainted and get a batch of chevre started.  By the time we finish in the barn, the curd will have set.  I do enjoy teaching, and it will be fun to meet new people on my home turf.  (And the girls are due for a pedicure!)

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Kathryn said...

Wow, I'm REALLY curious to know how it will go!! I hope it truly is a win-win...or maybe even a win-win-win if your girls have fun rather than getting spooked!!