Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Better Still

It was just a few days ago that I was sweltering and drained of all ambition.  Yesterday I needed a work shirt over the tank top most of the day, it was that cool.  Instead of taking advantage of the weather to pull weeds, I used the opportunity to sit on the deck and read and I make no apologies.  Those times will be few and far between as the season locks in and temperatures climb.  It was a good day to make plans.

Back in the early '80s, I was struck with the urge to try my hand at making tamales.  I was introduced to an older Latina woman who could give me a recipe and pointers.  When asked help, she said, "Oh, honey, I quit making them years ago; they're too much work.  I buy mine now."  She did give me a recipe that I wrote down, starting with eight pounds of meat and ten pounds of masa!  The Kids were all home then and they were recruited (i.e., drafted) into a production line.  The woman was right; they are a lot of work, but the end result is so good.

Tamales are not something I would ever want to make alone.  They are a community project.  Since the Kids are no longer here, I have enlisted Camille and Debbie K.  Heh heh, they don't know what they're in for.  I did a lot of the prep work yesterday:  putting a pork butt in the crock pot overnight, boiling, seeding and blending the dried chiles for the sauce, soaking the corn husks, cleaning the tomatillos.  In addition to the pork tamales, we'll also make some with cheese and green chiles.

That's the Plan For the Day.

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Kathryn said...

Wow, you have already done a lot of work toward the tamales, and I'm sure they will be WONDERFUL! And "good on ya" for enjoying some deck time for reading in paradise!