Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Early Bird

With the advent of what promises to be a very hot week, it's the early bird that gets something done around here.  The turkey mamas and aunties get their little turklets up and moving at first light.  These are not all the poults that were on their way to breakfast; there are a lot of babies this year.  The flock spends the day in the shade down in the woods.  In the late afternoon, they come back the other way, only steps (turkey steps) away from the porch.  I keep expecting to see them standing on the step at the front door.  They stop to scratch and nap in the herb garden, especially if I've had the sprinkler going.

The days become segmented.  Heavy work has to be done early if it's to be done at all.  Yesterday I got a lot more weeding done in the lavender bed before barn chores.  Today, that will have to wait as mowing the side yard has moved to the top of the list; the star thistle is literally leaping from the ground.  After the goats are done, there is a cool-down period that could last a couple of hours.  The heat is enervating and I have no ambition, let alone capability, to do anything.  Even hanging laundry has to be in the morning as the sun could beat you to your knees later on.  Early evening when the shadows are long is the time for the light stuff, housework, etc.

The sun is just cresting the hills and I've got to get moving.  It's going to be a hot day.

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Kathryn said...

Love you picture...hate the heat! I hope you weather the temps with some good books, some good TV, and some good tall cold ones!