Friday, June 21, 2013

Under the Big Top

 "La-a-a-dies and gentlemen!  Please direct your attention to the center ring, where you will see the astounding and death-defying aerial acrobatics of Mighty Mouse!  Note that there is no safety net and it is a long way down.  Bandmaster, drum roll, please."

P. T. Barnum has nothing on me.  I have my very own circus, and the acts change daily.  What in the world possessed this mouse to do what he was doing, which was repetitively going up and down the rope I use to bring Sheila into the milking room.  Mice obviously do not suffer from acrophobia, as he had to be up on the high girder to get to the rope in the first place.  I have replaced my flapping clown shoes (two pairs of new shoes in one year, woohoo!), so I have assumed the role of ringmaster of this Big Top I call home.

The herb garden has become a day-care center for turkeys.  There can be from six to twenty adults and babies hanging out among the thyme and marjoram at any time of day, not bothered in the least by our comings and goings.  It can get a little noisy when the turklets are rambunctious before nap time.

Dolly is arriving tomorrow for three days.  Rain is predicted for Monday.  Of course it is; Dolly is coming.

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Kathryn said...

With your morning and evening critter-care schedule, you may not be able to travel far and wide, but my-oh-my you do have a varied and wonderful world right there at Farview! Mighty Mouse indeed. How in the heck did he scale the walls to reach the rafters? Maybe he was climbing up and down just to make sure that all his ground-bound buddies could marvel at the trapeze act! And have you told your herb-garden buddies what you have for Thanksgiving dinner???