Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's A Secret

Shh.  I don't want Joel to know I baked a pie last night.  I owe him a pie, but this wasn't one he would want anyway as he is not a big fan of vegetables.  Years back, my friend Linda gave me a recipe for Russian Cabbage Pie that I tried and thought was wonderful.  Somewhere along the line, the recipe went missing.  That pie came into my mind recently and stuck there until it became almost an obsession.  I wanted that pie!   Bless her heart, Linda sent it again.

Yesterday was a very hot day, too hot to do much of anything, and cooking was a low priority in an overheated kitchen.  Bess and I went to the feed store in the late afternoon.  Camille waved from her patio as we passed by on the way home so I knew her chores were done.  I was still having visions of that pie.  Oh, what the heck, I needed to put this thing to rest and I couldn't make the kitchen any hotter.  Camille accepted an invitation to an impromptu dinner and I went to work.  Most of the prep was done by the time she and Honey came up and we talked while the pie went into the oven and the sun went over the yardarm.  Memory had served me well and that pie was everything I'd hoped for:  savory with a variety of herbs, rich with hard-boiled eggs and cream cheese, flavorful with cabbage and onions, and a golden flaky crust.  Camille and I pigged out on pie while Honey dragged toys out of the basket.  That recipe is going into a safe place for the next time the urge strikes again.

Don't tell Joel about this.  I still owe him a pie.

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Linda Cox said...

Another favorite from that book - Hard to believe that The Vegetarian Epicure by Anna Thomas is 40+ years old - is the Zucchini Quiche - this entry has the recipe correctly copied