Monday, June 3, 2013


The next set of WWOOFers is coming on Wednesday, two female college students from SoCal.  I can only hope it won't be as hot then as it was yesterday.  The barn was an oven in the morning even after I'd taken the covers off the window openings, trying to catch whatever breeze might blow through.  How I wish the mulberry trees had been planted last fall.  The nursery told me that they won't be ready (how does a tree get "ready"?) until July or August.  A little shade would be nice now.  It is what it is, however, and the girls will get a taste of the reality of farm life.  I'm thinking a cold white gazpacho and fresh bread might go well for lunch.

Poor Shadow.  He got a foxtail in his eye and Camille had to have the vet come to take it out and treat the scratched cornea.  Poor Camille.  An emergency visit on a Sunday means a hefty bill.

The darned bluejays have discovered the strawberries and beat me to the ripest ones.  I can imagine what they'll do to the plums.  Oh well, there will certainly be enough to share this year.

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Kathryn said...

Ah, poor Camille and Shadow indeed. And do I see some netting or tulle in your future to ensure some strawberries for you? Here's hoping your weather cools down!