Sunday, June 9, 2013

More Of the Same

Five o'clock a.m.  Sixty-eight degrees outside.  Eighty degrees in the house this morning.  I find it more than irritating when the weather forecasters get so excited as they talk about "breaking records."  I have no interest in breaking 100 degrees at any time.  It was 110 at my daughter's house yesterday.  Since I had no intention of going out to pull weeds from the garden barrels, I watered deck plants and herb garden instead.  Turkeys lay in patches of shade with wings outspread, looking very much like open umbrellas set down in the yard.  As soon as I turned off the sprinkler, Frank found a cool spot in the tall, still-dripping marjoram to nap.  When a cat chooses wet, you know it's hot.  Bessie Anne went out several times to her pool, coming in to lie on the stone hearth.  It is important to stay hydrated in this heat.  I prefer my water flavored with barley and hops, or in the form of ice cubes marinated in bourbon.  The hummers went through more than two quarts of "juice" yesterday.

Palace Malice came from far back in the pack to win the third leg of the Triple Crown at Belmont.  Veteran jockey Mike Smith held him in until the last turn and then came thundering past Orb and Oxbow who had set the pace and were exhausted from the mile-and-a-half run.  I do love horse racing.

"They" say it's supposed to be cooler today.  We'll see.

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Kathryn said...

LOL on your choice of "water!" Here's to much cooler days, but yes, you STILL need to stay hydrated!