Monday, June 24, 2013


Dolly, the Amazing Rain Lady, has done it again.  She managed to create a small rain delay during the NASCAR race at Sonoma yesterday and the deck is wet this morning and  a misty rain is falling.  I'd be hard-pressed to complain; the temperatures have been most pleasant, almost cool.

A Wildlife Rescue lady, Linda, phoned last evening with a report on Doug.  I had not called to ask; if he didn't make it, I didn't want to know.  Wendy had passed Doug on to Linda, who seems to be the primary care-giver in our area for orphaned or abandoned baby squirrels.  She now has six, so Doug has plenty of playmates.  Linda says Doug is doing well, but will probably always be the runt.  That may be the reason he was left behind.  I have noted that Tony and his crew of ground squirrels share some character traits with cats.  They dig a hole and then bury their bathroom business and they mark territory with scent glands under their chin.  It seems that squirrels, like kittens, are born with eyes closed and are unable to see well for nearly a month.  (I'd been worried about the little guy's half-open eyes.)  It was nice to get the update on Doug.

One chore I will not have to do today is watering plants.  Thank you, Dolly!

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Kathryn said...

Tell Dolly that I am in awe of her power...and thanks for the update on Doug, as I had been wondering about the little fellow!