Thursday, June 13, 2013

Small Things

Peeping and yeeping just outside the window in the morning caused me to stand and look out beyond the computer.  Eighteen little turklets were making their way up the drive, accompanied by mamas and aunties.  Like BBs on a plate, the little ones scattered here and there, causing their mothers no end of concern, which they voiced loudly.  It was not a quiet morning.

Looking past the Silkie pen, I saw that which I did not expect to see; an apricot on a tree planted years ago that had never borne fruit.  Putting down the feed bucket, I went for a closer look.  It truly was an apricot and even more astounding, it was ripe and the birds had not yet taken a bite!  It was just the one apricot with no hint of others to come, but, oh, the taste was heavenly, sweet and jammy.

The mice wait in their corner in the milking room for the grain thrown down for their breakfast.  The squirrels know they will get brunch after I finish with the goats and generally wait in the big room.  However, one brazen, impatient squirrel comes through the door, looking right in my eyes as he creepy-creeps over and pushes the mice out of the way to stuff his cheeks full of their food.  As punishment for his impudence, I've started squirting him with milk (I've got pretty good aim with those nozzles).  He's another one who has trouble with cause-and-effect and we go through the procedure several times before he gets the idea.  By then he's coated with milk.  I wonder how he explains that to the others.

Small things, yes, but they made for a good day.

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Kathryn said...

Big smile from this blog reader! Congrats on the lone apricot! I have planted 2 "ultra-dwarf" apricot trees in big ceramic pots on my little tiny lot. I gave up a wonderful and prolific tree in Costa Mesa and keep trying to recreate my summer passion - apricots plucked ripe right off the tree. I have yet to ever buy an apricot that comes close. This is my first crop, and the little guys are doing pretty well for their first season - about 20 from each with a few others for the birds! I wonder if the other squirrels like the impudent one clean - if the chicks like the goats' milk, I'm guessing other critters do too!