Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Diamond Dust

In a text message yesterday, Deb told me to go out and look at the sun.  (Did she want me to go blind?)  I did as I was bidden and was stunned to see the rainbow halo and promptly started spreading the word to others.  Doing a little research, I found these phenomena are called Sun Dogs or Diamond Dust, formed by light refracted by ice crystals in the air.
Going out time after time to see this beauty, I noted that there were actually two rings, the lower one very faint but even more colorful.

Coming back to the house in the morning, accompanied by Bessie and Frank, suddenly there was a lot of movement in the herb garden.  The mamas and aunties had brought all the baby turklets to rest in the shade and browse.  There's something not quite right about preseasoning a turkey with thyme, marjoram, and rosemary before they are defeathered and ready for the oven.  Even with the dog and cat there, the turkeys are now so comfortable that they just moved over and didn't leave.  It probably helped that Bess and Frank ignored them.

In an old song, John Denver sang, "Some days are diamonds; some days are stone."  Yesterday was a diamond dust day.

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Kathryn said...

Oh you got me and I did indeed laugh-out-loud at your turkey seasoning funny! And what beautiful photos you captured - I have never seen that phenomenon. Thank you...for the laugh and the ahhhh moment.