Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Afternoon Delight

"I'm going to the grocery store today.  Do you need anything?"  It's what we do for neighbors up here to save unnecessary trips.  Cam had a few items I could pick up for her, so I added them to my list.  What with one thing or another, I didn't leave until well after noon.  I'd just unpacked the bags at home when Harold called with an offer of watermelon, an offer I couldn't refuse!  Cam came to pick up her stuff and we were just kicking back when Harold arrived.  He'd brought enough melon to share, so we three sat at the picnic table under the oak, slurping ice-cold, sweet watermelon, talking, and enjoying the cooling breeze.  I highly recommend this as a way to spend a late afternoon in summer.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Oh...I'm THERE! And then, I'd just carry the party into the dinner hour and add barbecued burgers, fresh corn on the cob, fresh sliced tomatoes, and potato salad. I know we have to wait for the corn and tomatoes to ripen, but can I come?