Thursday, June 25, 2015

Oh, Puhleez!

I love puns, especially bad ones, and am a proponent of prolific alliteration.  Can't help myself, so patience is requested.

Persistent Percy and his Pal were purloining prize pieces yesterday while Notch politely asked permission (denied).  Perspiration poured while I milked and later as I plodded up the hill with pails, huffing and puffing all the way.

This pitiful plant was about to expire, prompting me to unleash the power of water in the afternoon.  Bessie plopped panting in her pool while I played in the spray from the hose.

Same plant, now perky.

Okay, I'll quit.  It's obviously not good to let my mind go free-wheeling as I'm doing chores.  It could place me in peril.  Perish the thought!

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