Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Go Soak Your Head

It was a go-in-the-pool two or three times kind of day.  Bessie Anne has the routine down pat now.  She asks to go out and gets in her wading pool without help or encouragement and stands while I pour water over her back until she is soaked through.  Sometimes she has to wait until I add cold water as the sun overheats the shallow pool and I don't want a boiled hot dog.  Bess does a little drip dry while I stand under the mist from the hose.  Doesn't do much for my hair, but it's a way to survive.

I'm in the habit of DVRing back-to-back episodes of multi-part programs I want to see so as not to lose continuity.  It's also a good way to have entertainment on days when it takes too much energy to move.  I'm not a fan of much on daytime television.  PBS has a new series going (love PBS) called The Crimson Field staged in World War I (the war to end all wars, more's the pity it didn't) about medics and nurses in a field hospital, an early-day MASH unit, as it were.  I would recommend it.  Poldark is okay, a kind of Jane Austen knockoff.  (The opinions expressed are those of the management only.)

I have to laugh at some of my quirks.  I get a kick out of identifying film bloopers.  Whoa!  Did I really see what I thought I saw?  In Out Of Africa, there is a scene in which Robert Redford is peeling fruit from a bowl.  There are two pieces in the bowl, he takes one out and suddenly there is one in his hand and again two in the bowl.  Hmm.  Yesterday I watched an episode of NCIS, New Orleans.  A woman poured perhaps a finger of whiskey into a glass, took a drink, and when she put the glass down it had more than she'd poured in the first place.  I want a glass like that!

Bessie Anne likes to go to the feed store.  She knows I will always come out with two milk bones for her, and believe me, she checks before I can get back in the truck, and there must be two!  I had to wait until late afternoon to go to Mt. Aukum so the truck would be in shade for Bess.  I waited until this morning to unload the bags of feed.  Only in the mid 70s at 6:00, it was better than waiting for the sun to come up.

I think today is going to be a rerun.

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Kathryn Williams said...

You should have been a continuity person on the set. I also notice things like that and think..'How could they let that slip by??" My prayer for you is that you can keep cool enough to...well...survive!