Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Small Vandals

I may be the one in the barn with the homie headband, but I am not the leader of the gang of small thugs who invaded yesterday.  I used to buy three bags of grain at a time, saving trips to Mt. Aukum, but had to quit when Thing 1 or Thing 2 ('scuse me, Dr. Seuss) started stealing in the feed barn.  Having trundled this brand-new, fresh bag down to the goat barn in the morning, I had a girl up on the stand when I heard the sounds of ripping, tearing, squabbling over the spoils, and the munch, munch, munch going on in the hall behind.  Impatient goats prevented me from emptying the bag into the covered barrel before starting chores.  If there was a bright spot in all this, it is that Percy and his cohort were busy with the mother lode and didn't come in to steal breakfast from the mice.

Yesterday's sit-and-be-quiet viewing included the last two of fourteen excellent episodes of The Jewel In The Crown (1984, PBS), about India becoming independent of England in the 1940s.  Interspersed in the story were film clips from that time, adding verite.  Deb and I had watched the series at her apartment when it first came out.  She made a chicken curry to die for (my mouth waters even now) to make it a real Indian experience.  Just as with a good book, I hated to see the story end.

There is an interesting website with posts from the local community.  There were reports yesterday of temps up as high as 114 in the area.  This morning as early as 5:30, it was 81 here.  It doesn't bode well for what today might hold.

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Kathryn Williams said...

"C'mon, Percy...there's GRAIN in them thar hills!!!"

And weather even here is out of the norm. We had a strange summer thunder storm that left the area humid like it had happened in the midwest, which is one odd occurrence for us. Someone had said it was coming from Arizona, which seemed so strange to me as we usually get our weather from you guys and the Pacific and then send it east, but indeed, on the news, I saw one huge counterclockwise swirl that showed the Arizona monsoons coming our way again during the night. The only thing I can say is..."I think you need a bigger pool!!"