Tuesday, July 21, 2015

One Man's Trash...

No trash-to-treasure here.  In my case, it's one woman's weeds are another bird's feed.  Those tall, straggly weeds in the herb garden that give the place such an unkempt look are the turkeys' delight.  They run their beak up the seed-laden stalks again and again, moving from plant to plant.  Every year I dig out most of these weeds, but always leave some for the turks (the things I do for the critters).  These are only two of the half-dozen grazing in the front yard yesterday.

Well, a thing will either get done or it won't.  Two separate sets of unexpected company showed up so I did not accomplish all I'd hoped.  I traded Camille some sweetcorn for a bag of homegrown yellow pattypan squash.  She'd brought Brownie, a real cutie young dog she's fostering, along with Honey.  Honey immediately took Brownie to the milk bone box, so Brownie became my friend right off the bat.  Bessie Anne was her usual gracious self.  She played with the puppy and Honey for awhile and then came to lie down by my feet on the porch.  Bess is so tolerant of all other animals.

I have no idea when the guys will arrive, but the sun is coming up and I'd best see what I can get done this morning.  D-Day is here.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Yep, you just gotta roll with those unexpected events and figure that living life is more important than some housework. Enjoy your D-Day and all that it brings!