Thursday, July 23, 2015

They Come and Go

In a family of tall people, I am somewhat height challenged, although not short by ordinary standards.  My Kids pat me on the head and tell me I'm a nice mommy as they tower over me.  It is somewhat of an inconvenience, but there are times I can make it work in my favor.  My guests returned shortly after my barn chores and I assigned the guys the task of restringing the clothesline.  One cord had snapped completely and the other two were frayed after only 18 years of continual use.  They just don't make cord like they used to.  For me to do it, I'd have had to use a ladder and I'm not good on ladders anymore.  Jeff and Tim are well over six feet tall and it took them no time at all to replace all strands of clothesline.  This is a working farm and no one is exempt.  Every job needs a supervisor or two, so Richard and I sat in the shade and directed the crew.  Those blessed delta breezes made yesterday much more pleasant than the day before when we sweltered in the heat.  It was so pleasant under the trees that we all sat outside to talk rather than go back in the house.  The guys had been looking forward to doing a little wine tasting in California and here I am, surrounded by vineyards.  Unfortunately, the tasting rooms are open only on the weekends so no whining about no wine, please.  They decided they might have better luck over in the Napa-Sonoma area and took off after lunch.  It had been a rather disjointed but all-in-all pleasant visit.

Later, I received a message from my friend Linda with the dates for her stay with me.  I've been so looking forward to seeing her and she and her tripod (three-legged) cat Luna will be here in a couple of weeks.  Bessie tolerates all animals ("Oh good grief, Mom's gone and done it again.  Oh well.") and I'm hoping Ralph and Celeste will be a good host and hostess to the visiting feline.  One good thing; the guest room is ready!

I did not see the snake in the hen house at sundown, but I'll admit to some hesitation when I reached into the dark corner where the hens prefer to lay their eggs.  I like snakes (most snakes), but I like to see them first.

It was a good day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Glad it was a good day and that Mr. Snake had not hidden with the eggs! Sorry the visit was cut short.