Monday, July 6, 2015

Yum Yum!

The phone rang during my cool-down period after my stint in the barn, aka the sauna.  "Hi, are you going to be around for awhile?"  "Yes, Cam, I am."  Shortly, Cam and Honey arrived bearing gifts.  The main reason for the visit was to listen to a comedy radio show (the name of which totally escapes me) that she likes on Sunday mornings and wanted me to hear.  Prepared, she'd brought a little portable radio that she turned on while laying out a slab of smoked salmon and crackers.  Somewhat hesitant to try eating squash blossoms the first time, they'd evidently made a hit with Cam because she also brought a bowl of flowers for me to saute and show her how to make the batter.  Talk about a sumptuous brunch!  I've had the pleasure of sharing the salmon with Cam before and it is decadent.  The show was so funny that I nearly sprayed the kitchen with cracker crumbs while laughing.  We agreed it might be a good idea to make this a frequent ritual.

Days of heat had robbed me of my appetite.  Dinner, if it could be called that, had been consisting of a bowl of cereal or, worse, peanut butter and a spoon.  With a slight but noticeable drop in temperature, last night I put a couple of spareribs in the oven and made warm German potato salad, tart-sweet with plenty of smoky bacon and onions.  Potato salad, either traditional or German style, has always been a big favorite in my family.  In years past, it was nothing to make salad with five or ten pounds of potatoes, and on one occasion, twenty pounds.  I wasn't sure how last night's effort would turn out, using only three dinky spuds, but I made it happen!

Every evening as I walk out to put the Kids to bed I tell myself, "You will not, repeat not, take any more pictures of the sunset.  Enough already!"  And then I get that first glimpse and it takes my breath away and without thinking I reach for the camera.  I'm addicted.

It was such a good day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

The sunset photos are the best addiction there is...and your radio and salmon time sounds like a great tradition to start. I have never had squash blossoms, but the other day I was taken to lunch, and they were on the menu!!