Friday, July 10, 2015


It's hard to describe how great it was yesterday to feel goosebumps on bare arms in July.  Cleaning stalls in the morning was truly a no-sweat job.  Back in the house, not only did I not need a cool-down period, I finally had to close the front door because of the chill breeze (wasn't about to spoil the effect by putting on a long-sleeve shirt!).  The morning fog morphed into overcast skies that lasted throughout most of the day.  Bess and I spent a good while outdoors and I cleaned and refilled her pool and watered deck plants.  I found two hidden ripe strawberries that the marauding squirrels had missed.  As sweet as they were, also sweet was the thought that I was denying those little boogers that treat.  The big buck was out for a stroll in the front pasture.  His awesome rack is still in velvet.  Thunder rolled from behind the hills to the east, coming from the slopes of the Sierras.  Last night I left the blanket on the bed and it was a pleasure to have Celeste curl up by my feet.  The whole day was a cause for celebration.

This morning, there is evidence that it had rained during the night.  The deck is wet and the skies are still grey.  If it stays damp and cool, I think there will be no danger if I mow down a couple of the yards that are covered in star thistle.  Out-of-state company is coming in a week or so and the place looks so raggedy.  Besides, those pointy spears hurt me and I can only imagine what they do to Bessie Anne.  I'd been keeping ahead of the thistles but then it got so hot and dry so fast and the fire danger from a spark was too terrible that I put Fu Manchu in the shed for the duration.  I never expected a break like this!

It was a good day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Yay for your break...hope it continues and that you and Fu have a nice day!