Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Home Invasion

Just as it is possible to tell the changing of the seasons here by the type of burrs, stickers, etc., outside, the same applies to what insects are invading the house.  At certain times, earwigs (I hate earwigs!), little fluttery moth-like things, mosquitoes, flies, and weevils become the bane of my life.  I am grateful they don't all come at once.  They come, stay for awhile, and then go.  Right now, tiny sugar ants are invading the kitchen.  Camille is having the same problem.  If there were no other clues, we would know that summer is here when the ants arrive.  They stream in through the windows, pour out of electrical sockets, run along baseboards and ceiling and across the countertops.  One must be judicious about using ant spray in the kitchen, but at this time of year I live with a can of spray in one hand and cleaning spray in the other.  I wipe out long trains on the counter with a wet sponge and rinse them down the drain.  I think, "There, you boogers!  I've got you all!"  But there is an endless supply of ants out there.  I've been told that the scouts lay down a scent trail for others to follow to whatever goodies they hunt.  I wish the same applied to the scent of dead bodies.  "Warning!  Go no farther!  Death awaits!"  No such luck.  They just keep coming.  There is always a bright spot under every dark cloud; these are little sugar ants and not the big black wood ants or, worse, the red fire ants.  Those would be a real problem.


Emmy Abrahams said...

A little liquid detergent and water in spray bottle...sends those little ants to their demise.

Kathryn Williams said...

Ah Emmy, that's better than mine - I have used hair spray in the past. Good luck, Bo!