Sunday, July 12, 2015

No Spring Left

I opened my eyes to a blood-red skyline this morning.  In the time it took to get to the living room where I'd left the camera/phone, the brilliant colors had paled; still lovely, but not as outstanding.  What struck me next was the direction of sunrise.  Most of the year the sun comes up behind the hills almost due east.  I'm not a mathematician, but I'd estimate this shot is close to 30-40 degrees to the northeast now.  Funny how I'd never noticed the turning of the earth until I moved up here.

I knew when I awoke to sunrise that I'd "overslept."  I'm usually at the computer, coffee in hand, before it gets light out.  That burst of ambition the day before had wiped me out.  I just don't spring back like I used to.  Yesterday I let the machines do the hard work.  Hanging laundry on the line was my big accomplishment for the day.  That, and making the baked beans to take to Deb and Craig's today.  I can't remember the last time I went down to the valley; must be two or three years ago now.  Were it not for the pleasure of seeing my Kids, I'd avoid the trip altogether.  I'm glad it's a Sunday so I won't be dealing with rush-hour traffic.  Two or three cars at a stop sign is considered a traffic jam up here.  There aren't more than five or six stop lights in all of Diamond Springs, which is about as much "town" as I get to anymore.  My circle of travel is shrinking. 

It was slightly warmer yesterday and will be hotter still today.  After that wonderful cool spell last week, it seems even the false spring is over. 

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Kathryn Williams said...

I hope you and your baked beans have/had a MARVELOUS time!!