Friday, July 3, 2015

Sound Of Music

Sometimes there is a soundtrack playing in my head.  Lately "Delta Dawn" has been looping as I've been waiting and hoping for the delta breezes to kick in to bring in relief from the heat.  The cloud cover that caused humidity was caused by monsoons pushed over the mountains from Arizona.  Yesterday we were caught right in the middle of winds and clouds from the east and the deltas from the west.  Temperatures did drop (yay!), but an unfortunate byproduct was an impressive electrical storm with ground-shaking thunder and lightning as it crossed overhead.  Almost immediately after it had passed, moving on to the west, I got two calls from friends in the area:  "Can you see any smoke?"  Sadly, the answer was yes.  Locals readily recognize Bucks Bar Road and the one-lane bridge crossing over the Cosumnes River.  A lightning strike sparked a fast-moving fire just to the west of the bridge and smoke boiled up.  Reports this morning state the Buckaroo fire in rugged terrain is about fifty percent contained.

I'm sure the rain that came shortly before dusk helped the firefighters do their job.  Re. the rain, the song of the moment was, of course, "Singing In The Rain," and Bess and I went out to stand on the deck and revel in that glorious coolness.  (Cool being a relative term here.) 

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Kathryn Williams said...

That picture is SPECTACULAR! And I hope your cooling trend continues.