Monday, June 29, 2015

One Of Those

A message from Camille was waiting when I got back from the barn.  "Just wanted to let you know that all of Al's dogs are loose and running on our road in case they show up at your house."  Oh goody.  This place seems to be a mecca for strays.  Over the years I've had three very large Holstein steers wander in, as well as several horses, a donkey, numerous dogs, several cats, and thirty or so cattle that broke through a connecting fence.  It's quite an experience to step out of the shower and find a herd of cows staring up at the window.  Cam said the dogs had gone down to the corner and turned right, so maybe they were headed home.  No such luck.  Not too much later I was enjoying the sight of ten little turklets and their mamas at the feeding station under the oak when this gang appeared.  Doing what dogs do, especially in a pack, they scattered the panicked babies every which way.  I grabbed a pocketful of milk bones and headed out before the dogs could do any real damage.  The pug and Pomeranian knew the drill by now; the other two took a bit of coaxing to go into the pen.  A Facebook contact had also had the dogs at her house, had talked to Al, and he agreed she could re-home them if (if??) they got out again.  She had asked me to call her instead of Animal Services if (that word again) the dogs showed up.  I left messages for Erin, but started getting worried when I hadn't heard back by 5:00.  I was simply not prepared to house the strays overnight.  In the meantime, the dogs apparently got bored and, well, when I went out to check on them the small brown male was having an intimate moment with the pug.  I gave a great sigh of relief when Erin finally called, saying she'd be here by 7:30.  She, however, was stunned to find out there were four, not two, and given the afternoon activities, one was undoubtedly carrying.  Erin was game and I helped her load up the pack.  I wish them all well.

At dusk, the baby turkeys were back, as well as that beautiful buck.  The plums must be ripe as the lower branches are now stripped and he had a purple mouth.

It was one of those days.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Re-home...RE-HOME THEM???? Cavalier of him, isn't it? Wow! When we get tired of our stuff, we sell it at garage sales or donate it to Goodwill or Salvation Army. Guess that's his easy way of saying, "I'm finished with these want them? OK, they are yours." Good for Erin - I hope they have better luck with owners next time!! (I guess I'm "channeling" Doris Day!!)