Saturday, June 6, 2015

Farm Foto Bombs

While Bess and I were on morning walkabout, this ground squirrel popped up in the middle of the big juniper bush.  It wasn't until later that I realized another of the critters had photo-bombed the picture in the background.

Down in the barn, a bluejay was waiting for me to open the feed bucket.  I took his picture, and there was Tessie.  I don't think Esther cared one way or another.  Bluejays don't wait to be served; they help themselves from the bucket on an overhead shelf while I tend to the girls.  Persistent Percy showed up as usual, but both hands were busy and I didn't take his picture.

Those of Percy's clan who have more patience and good manners wait in the big room, lounging about in the shade as the day gets warmer.

In the afternoon, the sky began to darken and Bess and I went down to the feed store.  I needed more goat chow and wanted to get it home and under cover, just in case it rained.  I'd been waiting throughout the day for an afternoon breeze to go out and mow down the west field.  Star thistle had sprouted up a foot but had not yet opened those dreadful, painful stars.  My timing was off, however, and I waited too long.  The off-and-on cloud cover thickened and thunder rolled.  Fu and I got a pretty good portion cut down before the rain started.  It seemed prudent to get out of the open field, tuck Fu Manchu in his shed, and head back to the house.

It was a good day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Prudent, not be a target or a sitting (on Fu Manchu) duck!!! Fun Foto Bombs!