Monday, June 15, 2015

Hard Work

It's not easy being the Farview fashion plate.  It took time and effort to choose the color-coordinated blues of my summer ensemble yesterday, but the effect was definitely worth it.  Accessories like the sweaty sweatband are so important.  My casual, elegant hairstyle was selected especially for the occasion and pulled up and back with a retro banana clip.  Even though I'd thought it perfect, it was improved by Cindy carefully nosing through it before she left the stand, placing a few artful strands here and there, held in place by goat spit.  It pays to have a consultant.

With me as a role model for fashion, Percy and his pal were jealous and did some styling of their own with just a little help.  Doing their bait-and-switch routine, they both took advantage of the milk "product" to adopt a new hairdo.  Even though I aim for the eye and often hit the mark ("Hit me with your best shot!"), inevitably there is some spray-over.  The squirrels ended up looking like punk-rock band stars with fur spikes in a fetching Mohawk.  I wanted to take portrait photos, but the boys ran away to show off to their friends.

I am waiting for the calls for Vogue and Elle cover shots, knowing that my country casual style is going to be a trend setter.  I'm waiting.

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Kathryn Williams said...

...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting! Did they call??? That's the most unique selfie I've ever seen!!