Wednesday, May 25, 2016


My tendency to procrastinate sometimes comes back to bite me.  Weeks ago I bought a new set of windshield wiper blades because the old ones were trashed.  And there they sit in pristine packages on the floor in the cab of the truck, waiting for me to install.  Yesterday I got caught on Bucks Bar Road in a sprinkle and then a downpour of rain.  Crum.  The old blades did their best with bits of rubber flying off.  Fortunately it was just a short cloudburst and I made it over the hill safely.  Guess what's high on my to-do list today.  Or not.

My cellphone and I do not keep the same hours.  Phone likes to sleep in.  Me, once my eyes open I'm out of bed in the morning and headed for coffee.  While waiting for the drip, drip, drip, I check the weather app to get an idea of what I'll be facing for the day.  As with many mornings, today I caught Phone not yet awake.  It gives me yesterday's report.  It comes slowly to face the day, sometimes giving me the right time and temp, but with the day before heading  (e.g., today is Wednesday, it says Tuesday.)  Ah, only an hour and a half late, Phone has finally wakened and knows where we are, with the correct time, day and hour.

One thing I've learned never to get caught without is cat litter.  I've never known two cats with such active digestive tracts.  I clean their box four to six times a day.  On what would have otherwise been a wasted trip to town (another story for another time), I stopped to pick up a jug of litter.  That puts me one ahead, but then...  I like the idea of the "lighter" litter (say that five times fast), but found it doesn't work as well and the cats didn't care for it either.

I've got to water the houseplants today or I'm going to get caught with a roomful of dead greenery.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Watering houseplants is on my to do list too...but it was yesterday also...kinda like your windshield wipers only not for so long. Ay-yi-yi...will there ever be a time when there is not a long list??? On second thought, I don't like the answer...when we are too old to make lists!! Have a good one.