Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fast Track

I was on a dead run all day yesterday, and I'm still not sure if I was the winner.  I didn't mention that, in addition to the computer tech, I also spent time with the satellite TV dude in the morning.  The television in the bedroom evidently thought I'd gone hard of hearing because it insisted on giving me closed captioning on every channel and every program for the past three nights.  It's true I'm creeping up on fourscore, but I haven't needed that assistance yet.  Turns out I'd mistakenly pushed the CC button on the second remote (in the dark).  I didn't know it even had a CC button.

My barn chores done, Cam called and said she'd gotten an order for feta cheese if I'd make it.  Of course, so started that.  Cheese isn't difficult to make, but it is time consuming.  Leaving the curd to set, grabbed a shower and headed to town for an appointment.  That done, I had a massive amount of grocery shopping, knowing that the hungry hordes would be arriving.

They say one should not try a new recipe on company, but the other night I'd made a zucchini pie chock full of fresh veggies and herbs for Cam and her mom, Olga, and it was such a hit that I decided to make it for the boys and Taylor.  The guys are not vegetarian so I'll fry up some kielbasa to go with.  Pete doesn't need to worry, there won't be a pea in sight.  I'd also made mushroom crostini with fontina and Parmesan cheese that Camille and Olga raved over, so replenished my supply of mushrooms.  On a summer visit some while back, I'd made icy cold White Gazpacho and hot, crispy fried, batter-dipped zucchini blossoms for Pete.  I can still see his face.  "You're giving me cold soup and fried flowers?"  "Just try it."  He did, and he liked it!  I'm hoping to get the second leg of the Triple Crown this time with another winning menu.  (FYI, the Preakness will run on May 21 this year.)

Late, late, late getting home, there wasn't enough time to clean the pen and coop for the chicks, so they're still yeeping in the laundry room this morning.  We'll all be glad when they move to new quarters.

No matter how fast one is running, it's important to take time to "smell the roses."  No perfume from the newly opened peony, but it sure is pretty.  I'm hoping for a slower track today.  One can always hope.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Oh my gosh I have to just thru soooo many hoops (buttons and numbers) to get my closed captioned on and off with DISH. I don't have it on because of the hearing issue, per say, but so many of the "modern" shows have overly loud background music so much of the time, and then some actors need elocution lessons, so I just haven't bothered turning the CC off - way too many steps. Sometimes it is in an obnoxious spot, but oh well. I love Pete's response to the unique menu!!!