Friday, May 27, 2016

Day To Day

"Angel Face" rose that was given to me when Steve died.  I've given it to others in memoriam as it seems so appropriate.  Not only is it beautiful, it has a wonderful, strong perfume.  I felt it was worth sharing.

Another knight rode to my rescue yesterday.  You know you live in the country when a guest comes up the drive on a big John Deere tractor.  Beau came to discuss a deal we've got going.  When I said I was going to take Fu's battery down to be checked, his response was, "I can do that."  The battery was still in the back of the pickup and had slid up to the cab.  Beau reached over and I told him it was really heavy.  I should have known better because that was taken as a challenge and the big show-off lifted it with one hand and carried it like that to the John Deere.  Men.

I've thought long and hard whether I should mention that I'll be having surgery soon for breast cancer, but since that will have a big impact on day-to-day life here, I've decided to take readers along on this adventure (I may have to skip a day or two on the blog, too).  I didn't tell my Kids for a month or so because I wanted to get a "road map" and know exactly what the next steps would be.  "Adventure" simply means a step-off into the unknown, and that's where I'm headed.  One of my biggest concerns has been my animals.  It isn't like goat-milkers are standing on street corners looking for work, ya know.  With propitious timing, Beau had asked me not too long ago if I'd teach him how to milk.  He and wife Katie had recently purchased two doelings and they'd been buying milk for the little ones from me.  The deal we'd been discussing was that he would tend the goats, milking and mucking stalls in exchange for all the product and some change until I can lift things again.  What a relief.  Cam will take care of Bessie Anne overnight (she can play with her friend Honey) and feed the chickens.  Ralph and Celeste will be fine on their own; they're indoor cats and will entertain each other.  Friends and family, what would I do without them?

My Kids have been incredibly supportive since they got the news.  Deb and Craig have insisted they will be my ride and companions the day of the in-and-out but day-long procedure.  Each of the others offered, but I've tried to lessen the impact on everyone; Deb doesn't take No for an answer, bless her.

If the battery held the charge, I've got a full day of mowing ahead today.  Fingers crossed!


Emmy Abrahams said...

Good luck to you and the thoughts of all your followers go along
Please keep us posted when you feel up to it..
And know there are SO many people out there rooting for you.

Kathryn Williams said...

I'm speechless...prayers coming your way! You have said that people around the world read this blog, so I bet you will have good thoughts coming from every corner of the globe. And BTW, the rose is absolutely breath-taking!!