Saturday, May 21, 2016

Up In The Air

Thought for awhile yesterday that we would end up in Oz.  An icy-cold wind blew all day and blew hard, but we didn't go whirling away in the air so it's all good.  The sun would shine and then the sky would go black and I thought, "Well, we're for it now," but we got no rain.  This morning it's blue sky all over, although rain is predicted for this afternoon.  It's iffy.

Cam and Honey came by late in the day yesterday for a fun visit.  She'd had a couple of rough days and it was time for some R&R.  I'm always up for that.

Plans for today are up in the air.  I haven't heard who all are coming up, if they're coming up, or when.  I've planned a pot of soup for lunch, so I'll be prepared for one or two or the whole gang.  (But I still have to wave a dust rag around.)

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Kathryn Williams said...

Hope you got a whole crew!!