Monday, May 9, 2016

Chicks In My Nest

Yesterday was Mother's Day for the rest of the world (mine is on hold until next weekend).  Not only did I receive calls from all my Kids, I found out that all of my Chicks are coming home to roost!  Pete and my grandson Jake are driving up from SoCal on Friday.  Jake will be entering our nation's service in the Air Force next month and I was afraid I wouldn't get to see him before he put on the blue uniform.  He signed up for a six-year hitch and that's a huge commitment.  His Dad and Uncle Dave were in the Navy and, while very proud of Jake, they think he's gone rogue.

As if that weren't enough good news, Larry and my granddaughter Taylor are also coming up to spend the weekend.  I've beds aplenty and will turn the downstairs into a dormitory.  As soon as I came down off the cloud of euphoria, I started planning menus.  Hey, it's what I do.  Deb and Craig have planned the meal on Saturday when they, Dave, and Clay are here, and she promised me it's a no-fuss lunch.  It's going to be one whoop-de-doo party combining Christmas, Easter, birthday, Mother's Day, family reunion, and any other cause for celebration we can think of.  I see a day of poker in my future!

The skies may have been cloudy yesterday (again), but there was sunshine in my heart.  Blue skies this morning, so maybe I'll get the chicklets moved out so my Chicks can move in.


Emmy Abrahams said...

What fun ....anticipation .....have a great time
I was with six out of nine grand kids Saturday, when we did our celebration...and all four of my kids.
Lots of noise, food, and hugs.....

Kathryn Williams said...

I'm a day late reading this and am "jumping for joy" as I actually sit on my recliner sofa and smile from ear to ear. What a celebratory time you will have. And since some say he has gone rogue, I'll put my unasked-for-two-cents in...I have a son named Jake, and my late dad, Jack, proudly served in the Army Air Corps/Force in WWII before it officially became the Air Force. So Jake, don't listen to your uncles...Off You Go, Into the Wild Blue Yonder...and stay safe and have fun...and thank you in advance for your service! And Bo...have FUN, FUN, FUN...cuz nobody's gonna take your T-Bird away!!