Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Guilt Trip

I am being punished.  Celeste does not like company.  She takes off like a shot to hide if she hears a car drive up.  She'll stay hidden for the duration, but when said car leaves, she immediately comes out of the bedroom and wants/demands to sit in my lap.  On rare overnighters, she goes to the kitchen to eat only after lights out.  Guests here for four days and the Wild Bunch here on Saturday pushed her over the edge.  There is just so much a girl can take and it was time for payback.

I waited after Pete and Jake drove off for Celeste to come down the hall.  And waited.  I started getting worried and went looking for my little girl.  She was under the bed and reluctant to come out.  Finally and with much coaxing, slowly she crept out from her safe place, all the while telling me she was not happy.  We walked out to the living room and I sat down to make a lap.  Which she ignored.  "Don't think I'm going to make this easy for you, lady.  You did wrong and you shall be punished."  Treats in the kitchen.  "No thanks."  Throughout the day, Ralph would come to me, but Celeste kept her distance.  "Please, Celeste.  It's not like we have company all the time.  People come, they stay for awhile, and then they leave.  You know this."  "Yes, but four days?  Seriously?  What were you thinking?"  I was careful not to promise it wouldn't happen again.  Those days were priceless for me and I hope for more.  But I did apologize for her discomfort.  She kept her distance all day long to make her point clear, but relented somewhat in the evening and came to my lap for a short visit.  Boy, talk about a guilt trip.

I am being punished.  Cleaning up, I found (wait for it) someone's presents had been left here under the Christmas tree.  Aaargh!  There was no name on the bag of goodies, so I don't know who to blame.  I'd like to lay a guilt trip of my own.  I know it wasn't Larry nor Clay, so I'll have to contact the usual suspects.  Holiday or not, I'm going to take down that ferschluggen tree!

The girls headed for home under a gorgeous reverse sunset last night.  I didn't want to be late putting them to bed.  There's only so much guilt my shoulders can handle.

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