Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Give a goat a good meal and she'll forgive you anything.  After two days of dumping their cereal bowls, the girls were giving me really dirty looks.  It wasn't like they were starving, what with extra alfalfa and tons of yard growth to munch on, but they do like their chow.  Sweet cob doesn't have the extra protein, but it's heavier with molasses than lactating goat chow so it's a treat for the girls.  Goats, in case you didn't know, have a real sweet tooth.  As the last few days will attest, contrary to public opinion, goats do not eat any- or everything.  They are actually quite selective diners.  Every one of the girls ate every bite and licked the bowl yesterday, so I think I'm out of the doghouse for the time being.

Summer has landed with a thump and it's hard to acclimate in such a hurry.  Not that I'm overloaded in the first place, but heat drains me of what ambition I have.  After the worst part of the day, I did get the driveway, road front, and one side yard mowed in late afternoon.  One yard to go.  Whew.

It looked like earth's heat moved into the sky last evening.  It was a good (hot) day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

You've got a heck of a lot of yards, lady...but you're gettinitdone! Yay