Sunday, May 22, 2016

Game Called

Due to total confusion on my part (I hate when that happens), I messed up the message that yesterday's crew was called off because of rain.  I sure don't blame the Kids for not wanting to come a long way and run the risk of getting soaked.  The silly part of that is that is we never did get precipitation up here, but evidently they got dumped on down in the valley.  The good part is that I hadn't dusted yet.

There won't be a Triple Crown winner this year.  The as-yet unbeaten Nyquist came in third at Pimlico on a sloppy, sloppy track during the Preakness in Baltimore.  Horse races aren't called because of rain.

NASCAR races are a different ball game.  The All-Star race at Charlotte, NC, was delayed and delayed again due to a wet track.  By the time they got the green flag, I was out of TV time and didn't get to watch it.

"Hey, lady!  Give a guy a lift?"  More and more frequently I'm finding one or more turkeys hanging out in the back of the pickup.  It's pretty funny.  However, they drop their calling cards and that's not so funny when the guys throw bags of feed back there and I have to pull them out.  Eeeuw.

Out of the kindness of my heart, I'd been saving the weeds in the herb-slash-peony garden for the Kids.  Guess I'd better get out there today and start pulling.


Emmy Abrahams said...

Aren't these early bright days wonderful? Getting light at five or before. I love them.

Kathryn Williams said...

Aw so sorry you didn't have your work day as planned. Hopefully it will happen before your hot summer weather hits. The turkeys sure like your truck. Maybe Narcissus has talked it up...or there are goodies lurking in the bed of the truck that they like.