Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Partial Forgiveness

Celeste seemed to feel I'd been sufficiently punished (I'd certainly done enough groveling) and relented somewhat yesterday.  Once in the morning and again in the afternoon, she resumed coming to my lap for a nap.  I can't say much for her timing (or perhaps she'd planned it that way) as I'd been just on the verge of making a potty run when she landed.  Having begged her to come to me, I wasn't about to risk further displeasure by displacing her and so sat quietly as directed.  I think this is why people coined the term "crazy cat lady."

The last edict from Waste Management has had an unfortunate result.  They demanded that all trash bins be placed in a row along the "big" road instead of on our corner.  Last evening when Bess and I took our trash down, all the barrels were on their side and garbage strewn all over.  It seems that mailbox baseball has been replaced with trash bin bowling.  What possible pleasure can be derived from this?  With darkness coming on, I started picking up the mess and was later joined by Cam.  I saw postings this morning that ours was not the only cluster trashed, pardon the expression.

The last couple of days have been in mid 80s, not as hot as it's going to get but high enough to qualify as a heat wave in my opinion.  By Friday, temps in the 50s are predicted.  Go figure.  It's a good thing, however, as last evening Deb let me know that she and Craig were organizing a work crew to come up on Saturday to "get me in shape" before summer.  Man, did I luck out with my Kids or what?!  I look and see what needs to be done on the property, but have been either too busy or too overwhelmed to do much about it.  I'd like not to need their help, but am eternally grateful for it.

I'll be waiting to see if Celeste is still in a forgiving mood today.  One can hope.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Well DAMN, about the clobbered trash bins, and YAY about the work crew. BLESS YOU Deb and Craig and crew.