Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cats & Dogs, etc.

Well, we dodged the bullet yesterday.  Bessie Anne has been limping badly, not bearing weight on her back leg for a week.  With Frank's recent surgery fresh in my mind and fear in my heart, off we went to the vet.  Three x-rays and a hefty bill later, Dr. Ric determined it was "just" a soft tissue injury that should heal with time and some good pain meds.  While I know she's still hurting, it could have been worse.  Bess behaves very well in the waiting room during her doctor visits, greeting other patients as they come in with wags and sniffs, then sitting by my side.  She resists having her weight taken right there in public...I know just how she feels.  All the attendants exclaimed to each other, "My, she doesn't look that heavy!"  I explained that we have big bones, and thanked them for the compliment.  Once in the examining room, Bess heads for safety under the visitor's chair, and it darned near takes a tow truck to get her out.  It's easier just to lift the chair!  She then accepts the humiliation of having her temperature taken, endures the assistant's grunts as she is hefted to the table, and forgives Dr. Ric for whatever he must do by licking his hand afterward.  She knows very well which door leads out, and I need a hand on the leash once that door is opened.  We'll do a rerun next week when we go back for a recheck. 

Frank and Pearl appear in this entry simply because I took their pictures.  Dr. Ric wanted photos of Bessie and Frank for his "patient scrapbook."  Pearl sat there, ready for her closeup, so I couldn't leave her out.  I wish the picture showed Frank's blue eyes, but it does give an idea of his size versus hers.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Tell Frank and Pearl that they are handsome and beautiful specimens, and tell Bessie Ann that we are all pulling for her quick recovery. I imagine that you had rain again today, as my cousin in Sacramento did, but I'm sure you will be rewarded with sunny spring days in the next month!