Friday, February 26, 2010

Just a Piddly Day

I took advantage yesterday of a break between storms to take care of some of those niggling chores that I've been putting off.  (I think about joining Procrastinators Anonymous, but never get around to it.)  I nailed back boards on the splitter shed that previous winds had torn down, WD-40d the sticking, squeaking door on the truck, dead-headed the flowering weeds along the curve of the driveway, and went down to the pasture to check on the memorial trees for Steve and his friend Dan.  Last year the deer broke through the chicken-wire protection and stripped the white mulberry I'd planted for Steve...the stick they left me is a goner and I'll have to plant something else there for him.  I'd bought a crabapple some time back, but after careful consideration, I think I'll plant it out in the garden where it might have a chance of surviving.  I fear the little apples might be even more of a temptation than the mulberry.  Today's storm is predicted to be bigger and better (worse?) than the one earlier in the week, so I stocked up on firewood.  I also went down to Mt. Aukum to get more feed for the goats and chickens...can't haul feed bags in the rain and we were getting low.  I put an ad in the little weekly sales paper for Nineteen and Tessie.  If they sell, I will miss them both, but I really need the barn space.  Nineteen is such a sweet, affectionate boy...he waits at the gate for a rub-up in the evening, and then turns and frisks his way down to the barn ahead of me.  I hope a potential buyer will overlook Tessie's one horn that makes her look either like a unicorn, or has a periscope up, and see her as the unique individual she is.  I want to sell them as a pair, since they've never been separated in two years, and goats form strong bonds. 

There seems to be an epidemic of leg injuries.  Bessie is recovering nicely, but now Poppy has developed a limp in a foreleg.  She is too big and too strong for me to handle alone, and doesn't like to be touched on her best days.  I'm hoping that, like Bessie, it is just a muscle strain and that she will heal on her own. 

I need to finish battening down the hatches...again.  It's good to have those little chores completed.


Kathryn Williams said...

Little chores to you sound like big ones to us - and I know the sense of accomplishment you must feel. So...batten down, warm up, and snuggle in! And yes, here's to hoping that Poppy will be a limp-no-more 4-legger by next week!

Mark said...

I agree with Kathryn, when you can catch up on the "round tuit" chores there is a sense of having completed multiple milestones and the bigger chores ahead are not as intimidating. I have been doing the same catch up this week and I like not having the nagging feeling of "why didn't I" get such and such done yet? Weather not dry here either but I think it's time to put on a windbreaker and go fishin anyway!