Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day of Rest

It's NASCAR season again!  Yesterday was the Shootout, and next Sunday opens at Daytona.  I've been following NASCAR only for the past five years, but have become an avid fan of the sport.  I'm the late bloomer in the family, and was introduced by my son Dave and Clay (the "good son"...a story for another day).  I grew up when drag racing and car clubs were just beginning in southern California, and used to go to Pomona and Riverside for sanctioned drags and dirt track racing.  Like the rest of the nation, I reserved Memorial Day for the Indy 500, but never really got into Formula One racing.  Chino had only two stop lights when I lived there.  Driving through town one evening, a high school kid pulled alongside at a stop in a hot car and gunned his engine, undoubtedly to get my daughter's attention.  What the heck...I accepted the challenge, gunned my engine in response, and beat him to the next stop!  I was a mother, driving a nine-passenger station wagon with four teenagers in the back, and I'll admit that if the "race" had gone farther, he'd have taken me.  My poor embarrassed daughter slunk down in her seat and explained that she had to go to school with that boy the next day.  I told her not to worry, he would never admit to having been beaten by a mother.  I now run NASCAR Central, keeping stat sheets on the family's favorite drivers, and dispense "mojo" to the kid who calls in first on race day, and there are strict rules governing who gets what!  All of this by way of saying I won't be making entries to the blog on Sundays...I'll be getting ready for the race!

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Kathryn Williams said...

Wow...who knew! Jackie of all trades for sure!