Saturday, February 6, 2010

Six Degrees

I spent yesterday here at the farm in the company of two delightful ladies, complete strangers to me.  Let me see if I can explain how they came to be here, and the six degrees of separation of people who are actually connected by common acquaintance. 

Sandy and I graduated from the same small girls' school, but we lost contact for nearly fifty years.  I've known my friend Florence almost from the time I moved to Sacramento in the late seventies.  Florence and Dan moved to Fiddletown (a couple of hills over) a few years after Steve and I moved to Fair Play.  Sandy and I reconnected some years back, and she then shared my blog with Kit, her ex-sister-in-law, and Kit began to leave fun comments.  Kit came to Fiddletown to visit her aunt (no relation to Sandy).  It was surprising enough that someone from southern California knew that Fiddletown exists.  Kit wanted to meet the big and little girls at Farview, so I invited her and her aunt for lunch, since they'd be so close.  It turned out that Aunt Katherine had sold Florence and Dan their property in Fiddletown, we had a number of friends in common, and that it's a small world after all.  (Oh good I'll be humming that all day long!)  I'm just sorry that Sandy couldn't have made the circle complete. 


Alexandra said... pleased that there were so many connections - it is a small world. anyway, glad you had fun and i, too, shall get up to farview someday for a visit. just know that i want to come in the rain - so that i can slosh about w/you in borrowed bibbies...then warm myself by the fire. much love, your old roommate - sandy

Mark said...

Having traveled the bulk of my life I have to chime in that it is amazing how many "connections" I have experienced. You have to wonder sometimes whether there is really is "fate" that brings certain people and experiences to our lives. Things that make you go...Hmmm? Hey Diane! I'm off to Daytona Beach for some NASCAR. Wanna go? Only a little over an hour away.

Kathryn Williams said...

Hey Sandy - I'm thinking you are thinking that bibbies are for wearing in the rain???? They are bib overalls - like "Oshkosh by Gosh" for the kidlets...only to fit the ol' heifers like all of us! And by the way everyone.....Diane/Bo makes WONDERFUL soup and bread...pays to visit when it is cold and rainy. THANK YOU for the grand hospitality!! And...I be Kit!!